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Irisfields Cattery

Maine coon cats




I breed MC for all most 15 years. During these years, my passion became bigger and bigger for that magnificient cat.
I noticed that the food is important to keep them in good shape.

For the food, you can choice for high quality dry food or fresh fish or raw meat.

all our cats are receiving raw food: fresh fish and raw meat.
This kind of food has several avantages:

natural tooth cleaning, stronger jaws, silky and bright coat, more vital, more resistant to illnesses.

Our kittens are receiving dry food but also fresh fish and raw meat. Due the future owner can choice between dry food or raw food.

On the other hand, I would prefer to use homeopatic treatments when it is possible , with precautions. if there is any doubt, i consult my vet immediately.

it is forbidden to declaw one of our kittens; it is a painfull surgery.A cat needs his claws to feed himself, to play ,to mark his territory.

Your maine coon will need a scratch post with sissel on it and so , he doesn't scratch our furniture.

I start to groom my kittens for their 6 weeks. A maine coon can be bathed , generally, he likes water.

maine coon means love, kindness, care and patience; That means a friend during many years.

Nicole Seurinck